Abdominal compartment syndrome
- incl. open abdomen.

Abdominal injury
- blunt abdo trauma
- penetrating abdo trauma
Blood transfusion and coagulopathy
Bowel / rectal injury
Cardiac injury
Cold injury / frostbite
Damage control surgery
Diaphragmatic injury
Electric injury
EMST care
Extremity injury
- compartment syndrome
Facial injury
Head and brain injury
- head injury guideline
- haemorrhage assessment guideline
ICU management in trauma
Liver injury
Pancreas / duodenal injury
Pelvic #
Penetrating neck injury
- WM penetrating neck injury guideline
Renal / ureter injury
Skin / soft tissue trauma
Spinal trauma
- clinical guideline for spinal clearance
Splenic injury
Thoracic injury
- blunt thoracic trauma guidelines
- penetrating thoracic trauma guidelines
Vascular Trauma
- peripheral vascular injury guideline
Ward management of trauma
- guideline for thromboprophylaxis in trauma


Initial Care
Primary survey
- WM minimal workup for major trauma guideline
- WM guideline for traumatic cardiac arrest
Secondary survey

Trauma Management
Airway Trauma
Thoracic Trauma
Abdominal Trauma
Head Trauma
Spine & Cord Trauma
 - C-spine
 - T/L spine
Musculoskeletal Trauma
Burns & Cold
Paediatric Trauma
Elderly & Trauma
Pregnancy & Trauma

Specific Conditions
Aortic disruption
C-Spine management
Cardiac injury
Cardiac tamponade
Cold injury
Diaphragm injury
Eye trauma
Flail chest
Haemothorax (massive)
Head injury
Pulmonary contusion
Open pneumothorax
Pulmonary contusion
Tension pneumothorax
Tracheobronchial injury
Traversing mediastinal wound

Trauma Skills
Chest drain insertion
Chin lift
CO2 detectors
- needle
- surgical
Endotracheal intubation:
- infant intubation
- nasotracheal intubation
- orotracheal intubation
- rapid sequence intubation
Extremity immobilisation
Extremity realignment
FAST and Trauma USS
Femoral vein catheterisation
Helmet removal
Internal jugular venipuncture
Intraosseus puncture
Jaw thrust
Jet insufflation
Log roll
Nasopharyngeal airway
Needle thoracocentesis
Oropharyngeal airway
Pelvic # Management
Pulse oximetry
Spine immobilisation
Subclavian venipuncture
Traction splinting
Trauma Laparotomy
Venous cutdown
XR: pelvic
XR: spine
XR: thoracic