Operative Procedures

* Knows

Abdominal Wall

Abdominal closure
*Absent testes : laparoscopic investigation
Circumcision etc
Dehiscence: definitive closure
Hernia (abdo wall, laparoscopic)
Hernia (femoral)
Hernia (epigastric)
Hernia (incisional)
*Hernia (incisional, laparoscopic)

Hernia (inguinal, open)
Hernia (inguinal, strangulated)
Hernia (inguinal, laparoscopic)
*Hernia (inguinal, paediatric herniotomy)
*Hernia (lumbar)
Hernia (para-umbilical)
*Hernia (spigelian)
Hernia (umbilical)

Hernia (major ventral)

Laparostomy / open abdomen
Orchidectomy (including radical)



Axillary dissection
*Axillary node: guided needle biopsy
Breast abscess management
* Breast conservation post primary chemo
* Breast reconstruction / oncoplastics: principles
Core biopsy
Central duct excision
Excision biopsy
Fine needle aspiration
Localized excision biopsy
*Mamillary fistula laying-open
*Office ultrasound
Permanent central venous catheter insertion
*Pleurodesis (chemical / talc)
Positive screening findings: management
Punch biopsy
Salvage mastectomy
Salvage axillary surgery
Subcutaneous mastectomy (gynaecomastia)
Sentinel node biopsy
Skin grafting
*Stereotactic core biopsy (including wide core biopsy)
Wire localised biopsy
Wide local excision (lumpectomy)


* Abdomino-perineal resection
Advancement flap (fissure)
Anal biopsy
Anal local excision
* Anal incontinence procedures
Anterior resection (high)
* Anterior resection (ultra-low)
- notes on hypogastric plexus and rectal surgery
* Appendicostomy
Botox injection (fissure)
* Colitis: topical formalin & argon beam
- therapeutic colonoscopy
- on-table endoscopy
* - endoscopic tattooing
* - advanced polypectomy / EMR
Colostomy reversal
Diagnostic laparoscopy (colorectal Ca)
Fistula : seton use
* Fistula : high / complex fistulas
* Fistula : biological agents
* Fistula : advancement flap repair
* Fistula : complex crohn's fistulae

Foreign body removal
Haemorrhoid banding / sclerotherapy
- post-haemorrhoidectomy bleed
* Haemorrhoidectomy (stapled)
* Haemorrhoidectomy: post-procedure anal stenosis
Hartmann's procedure
* Inguinal node dissection
Ileostomy (incl. loop)
Ileostomy reversal
* Laparoscopic bowel resection
Lateral sphincterotomy
Left hemicolectomy
LIFT procedure
* On-table lavage
Perforation repair
Perianal sepsis drainage
* Prolapse: Delorme's
* Prolapse: lap resection / rectopexy
* Prolapse: rectosigmoidectomy

Pilonidal surgery
Rectal tubes
Right hemicolectomy
Sigmoid colectomy
Sub/total colectomy
* Stricturoplasty (crohn's)
* Total procto-colectomy and ileal pouch anal anastomosis
* Transanal local excision
* Transanal endoscopic microsurgery


Abscess drainage (external)
Abscess drainage (internal)
Appendicectomy (open)
Appendicectomy (lap)
Appendiceal abscess
Appendicitis: conversion to caecectomy etc.
* Retroperitoneal haemorrhage control
* Cystoscopy and pyelogram
Central line placement
* Ectopic surgery
* Nasal packing
* Oophorectomy
* Ovarian cystectomy
Scrotal drainage
Scrotal exploration (and orchidopexy / epididymal)
* Ureteric stenting
Urinary / suprapubic catherisation
Vascular access for resuscitation of sepsis


* Adrenalectomy (laparoscopic)
- ?open
* Auto-transplant parathyroid
* Cervical thymectomy
* Neck dissection
- * central neck dissection
- * lateral lymph node dissection (L II-V)
- * radical / modified radical neck dissection

* Pancreatic tumor enucleation
* Parathyroidectomy (open and minimally invasive)
* Re-operative parathyroid surgery
* Re-operative thyroid surgery
* Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection
* Sistrunk operation
* Sternal split
* Total thyroidectomy

Head & Neck

* Branchial cyst excision
Cervical abscess drainage
Cervical lymph node biopsy
* Cricothyroidotomy
* Extracting upper airway foreign bodies
* Parotidectomy
PEG feeding
* Salivary gland (dochotomy, stone extraction drainage)
* Submandibular gland excision

* Thyroglossal duct excision / fistula
Tracheotomy (emergency)


Central vascular access
Chest drain
* Cricothyroidotomy / tracheotomy
Emergency airway
Feeding gastrostomy
Feeding jejunostomy
Intra-abdominal abscess drainage
Needle thoracostomy
Trans-rectal abscess drainage
* Trans / retro-peritoneal abscess drainage
Wound debridement

Skin / Soft Tissues

Axillary node block dissection
Carpal tunnel
* Cervical node block dissection
Cutaneous flaps
* Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy
* Hand sepsis procedures
* Hand - tendon injury
Diabetic / neuropathic foot debridement
Digit amputations
Ingrowing toenail (avulsion, wedge resection, zadik's)
Inguinal node block dissection
* Reconstructive techniques
* Repair of pressure wounds with flaps
* Lumbar sympathectomy
* Peripheral nerve entrapment procedures
* Peripheral nerve repair
Pilonidal surgery (incl karydakis)
Sentinel lymph node biopsy
Skin sepsis and debridement
Skin simple excision
Skin graft (full thickness, split skin)
Ulcer procedures (leg)
* Ulnar neurolysis
Warts; diathermy / ablation of

Small Bowel

Adhesiolysis for obstruction
* Adhesiolysis (lap)

Defunctioning jejunostomy / ileostomy
Diagnostic laparoscopy: SB tumors
* Duodenal diverticulectomy
* Endoscopic duodenal stenting
Enterotomy and closure
* Gastojejunostomy (lap)
Ileocolic resection
* Ileocolic resection (lap)

* Intestinal embolectomy / revascularization
* On-table enteroscopy
Meckel's diverticulectomy
* Meckel's (laparoscopic)

Mesenteric nodal dissection
Small bowel bypass
Small bowel resection
* Small bowel resection (lap-assisted)
* Strictureoplasty
Tunneled CVL for long-term TPN

Surgical Oncology

Axillary node dissection
* Denver shunt
Hickman's insertion
Inguinal node dissection
* Isolated limb infusion / perfusion
Metastatic disease of unknown primary operative
* Lap abdo lymph node biopsy
* Limb sacrifice and reconstruction
Lymphoma specimen retrieval
* Pelvic lymph node dissection
* Radical lymphadenectomy
Sentinel node mapping
* Superficial inguinal lymph node dissection
Skin grafting
Venous access ports & removal


* Abdominal paracentesis
* AV fistula and management
Central line
* Kidney donation
* Multi-organ donation
* Liver transplantation
Peritoneal dialysis catheter
* Parathyroidectomy in renal failure
* Portal hypertension interventions
Renal biopsy
* Renal transplantation
* Transplant nephrectomy
Venous dialysis catheter


Central venous access
Chest drain & removal
* Cardiac trauma: control of simple wounds
Compartment pressure measurement
- * Severe maxilla-facial bleeding
* Craniotomy, craniectomy (rural)
* Damage control laparotomy
* Diaphragmatic repair
* Emergency resuscitative thoracotomy
* Enteral feeding access
External haemorrhage control
* Extremities: vascular exploration and control
* Groin vascular access
Intra-abdominal pressure
Limb immobilization
* Limb realignment

* Local rotational flaps
* Nasopharyngeal packing
Neck : Zone II exploration
* Neck : Zone I and III access and control

Open abdomen management
Pelvic binding
* Pelvic packing

* Pericardial window
Spine immobilization
- * Application of tongs

Suprapubic catheterisation
Surgical airway
* Thoracic trauma: vascular control in chest
- * periclavian approaches to thoracic outlet
* Thoracoscopy

* Tracheoscopy, pharyngoscopy, oesophagoscopy, bronchoscopy
Trauma laparotomy
- * control of solid organ injury
- * control of hollow organ injury
- * exploration of the retroperitoneum
- * major abdominal vascular repair
- * vascular isolation of the liver
- * splenic and renal salvage
- * vascular shunting

Trauma laparostomy / temporary closures
Urethrogram / cystogram
Vascular access
Wound debridement and washout
Wound management: head/face/orbit

Upper GI / HPB

* Anti-reflux procedures
Endoscopic dilatation / strictures
* Bile duct exploration : open
* Bile duct exploration : transcystic
Bile duct injury management
Cholecystectomy : open
Cholecystectomy : lap
* Choledochojejunostomy (Roux-en-Y)
* Cystogastrostomy : open
* Duodenal injury repair
* Distal pancreatectomy
Feeding jejunostomy
* Foreign body oesophagus
* Fundoplication
* Gastrectomy : distal
* Gastrectomy : radical distal
* Gastrectomy : total
Gastric band deflation (Huber needle)
* Gastric local resection
Heller's myotomy
Laparoscopic staging : stomach
* Laparoscopic staging : oesophagus
* Liver biopsy : laparoscopic
* Liver mobilization and dissection
* Liver mets : assessment of resectability
* Liver packing in trauma
Lymph node biopsy: open abdomen, cervical, axially, femoral
* Lymph node biopsy: abdomen (lap)
* Necrosectomy : open
* Obesity surgery
Oesophagectomy options
* Palliative stenting
PEG insertion
Peptic ulcer : bleeding
Peptic ulcer : perforation
Peptic ulcer : stricture
Splenectomy (elective open)
Splenectomy (laparoscopic)
* Splenectomy (massive spleen)
Splenectomy (trauma)
* Whipple's procedure


AAA : clamp neck
* AAA : repair

ABI / Doppler
Arterial anastomosis
Arteriovenous anastomosis
* Arteriovenous graft access techniques

Arterial line insertion
CEA (not in curriculum)
Digital and trans-metatarsal amputation
Embolectomy (brachial, femoral)
* Faschiotomy (upper arm)
Fasciotomy (leg)

Groin dissection
High saphenous ligations
Laparotomy and ischaemic gut resection
* Mesenteric embolectomy and revascularisation
* Peripheral vascular reconstruction & bypass
Portocath / Hickman's insertion
Varicose veins : ligation and stripping
* Varicose veins : recurrent procedures

Vessel (various) isolation