Infant Orotracheal Intubation

1. Adequately ventilate / oxygenate.

2. Select proper sized uncuffed tube - same as infant's nostril or little finger.

3. Connect laryngoscope and check.

4. Hold in left hand, insert into right side of mouth, moving tongue to left.

5. Observe epiglottis and cords.

6. Insert not more than 2cm beyond cords.

7. Check placement with: bag-tube-to-valve ventilation, stethoscope to chest & abdo.

8. Secure and recheck if pt moved.

9. If not established in 30s, discontinue, reventilate, reattempt.

10. Check placement with CXR (cannot exclude oesophageal placement).

11. Attach CO2 device and pulse oximeter