Femoral Venepuncture
(Seldinger Technique)

1. Place pt supine
2. Cleanse area, drape and wear sterile gloves.
3. Locate femoral vain: directly medial to femoral artery (keep a finger on the artery to avoid puncturing it).
4. Apply local anaesthetic if awake
5. Introduce a large calibre needle attached to a 10ml syringe filled with 1ml saline.  Direct toward pt's head over the femoral vein.
6. Holding needle and syringe parallel in the frontal plane, advance needle cephalid & posteriorly while drawing back.
7. When a free flow of blood returns, remove syringe and occlude needle with a finger to prevent air embolism.
8. Insert guidewire, then remove needle.
9. Insert catheter over guidewire.
10. Affix catheter in place with a suture.  Apply antibiotic ointment.
11. Tape IV tubing in place.
12. Get an XR to check placement of catheter.
13. Change it when stable / possible.

- arterial / neurological injury
- infection
- arteriovenous fistula